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Thanks for taking the time to check out our web page. When browsing around there are many extra links for you to discover within each page - if you wish. Want to find out a bit more about the history of the Band and where we are going next then here's the place to be.

The site, as is life, is a work in progress so let us know if you want more info or if something doesn't work correctly. The home page you are on will give you any up to date info on the band and how to use the site - Enjoy and Thanks for supporting the Band


On the Biography Page there is a general Bio on the Band with the option coming soon of looking deeper into the history. This has been written by John himself, adding his unique touch, also a discography of all the music the Band has produced over the years.

These are not all complete yet but discover the ones that are \m/


In 2021 it will be 40years since The Nightcomers was released. We are genuinely interested to find out if promoters and our fans would like us to tour this album - let us know - Link Here -

We ask all potential promoters to register with us as having this information helps us establish a good base for communication - secure site.

Registration is easy and once registered you can choose from an option of information pages depending on where your event will be taking place. This information will assist you by giving as much information as you would need for Booking Holocaust for your show / event. Once you are interested you can contact us giving us some information regarding your show/event.


When John teamed up with Scott and Mark they started not as Holocaust but as 3 very experienced musicians who just wanted to play and record together

After nearly 15years of recording, tweaking and anything thing else a musician does, we have nearly finished Predestination. An album like no other - John, Scott and Mark are very proud of this piece of art as this is what it is. Our hearts and souls have went into this and even if we do not release it, This will be the greatest piece of music we have ever created..


Available now

Elder Gods


Available now



Ishtar - Elder Gods

Ishtar - Elder Godse


Logos etc.



Elder Gods  Predator  Predator  Nightcomers  Expander 

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